Visiting Mui Ne Fishing Village


Mui Ne Fishing Village is one of the most tourist attractions in Mui Ne. Travelling there, you not only have opportunities to admire the beautiful sightseeing but also enjoy fresh and delicious seafood.

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What to do

We highly recommend making your way to the fishing harbour in the early morning that’s when the fishermen return from sea with their massive haul of live crabs, scallops, groupers, and stingrays. Once you’ve reached the southern end of Mui Ne Fishing Village, there’s a small inhabited site that’s covered by colourful seashells that have washed up on the beach over the years.

Mui Ne harbour is a great place to witness local life and enjoy fresh seafood during your holiday in Mui Ne. If you take your transport just down to the water, you will reach the fishing harbor where you can purchase fresh seafood or steamed crabs, shellfish, etc. to eat on the spot from local vendors. Walking along the beach, you will pass by fishermen sorting out their catch, ship-wharfs and, at the southern end of town, a section where clams have been ridded of their shells for many years, so the sand on the beach is by now substituted with littered shells.

Mui Ne fishing village (via robertharding)

On the winding coastal road out of Mui Ne,you’ll come across a steep concrete verge which, from a distance, looks like exactly that, a concrete verge. However, step towards the edge of this imposing coastal drop and absorb the impressive panoramic view of the fishing scene below.

At the foot of the drop, old fishing boats decay gracefully under the sun whilst out in the bay an armada of fishing vessels float patiently on the calm water. Take a walk on the beach where the industrious workers sort frantically through the day’s catch. The scene on the sand is an assault on the senses. The smell of fish, both fresh and rotting is, unsurprisingly, overwhelming. Powerful colours dominate the shoreline. Ladies, brightly dressed, crouch down to inspect the catch and even litter finds a suitable home in the chaos of the sand. If you eat seafood during your time in Mui Ne, it probably came from here. To really appreciate one of Vietnam’s most prominent industries, it’s well worth watching the melee of where your dinner came from.

Fishing market

Fishing boats (via wikimedia)

Mui Ne’s chaotic early morning market provides a fascinating peek into the lives of local Vietnamese fishermen. Every morning they get their catch to the shore. Their wives and family members sort out the catch and sell it to the local traders, restaurant owners, and street food vendors on the spot. It’s like a trading floor right out of a Wall Street institution. Expect to find fishing nets full of seafood, buckets overflowing with fish, shells strewn everywhere, raucous conversation, and plenty of photo-opps.

Numerous food carts and open-air restaurants are set along the beach, where travellers can sample traditional Vietnamese dishes such as beef pho, banh mi, banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) and a wide range of grilled seafood at affordable prices. Catering to the growing number of foreign visitors, there are plenty of tour operators in Mui Ne and Ho Chi Minh City that include a short visit to Mui Ne Fishing Village in their itineraries. If you prefer exploring Mui Ne according to your own time and pace, the village is easily accessible via car, bicycle or motorcycle. The best time to visit Mui Ne Fishing Village is in early morning or late afternoon to avoid the scorching heat.

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