Mer Perle Hon Tam Resort in Nha Trang


MerPerle Hon Tam Resort is an “oasis” nestling among the breezy tropical hills of Hon Tam Island. The resort is a calm and peaceful place, surrounding by green hills and endless carpet, it has spectacular views down the splendid turquoise sea color of Nha Trang bay.

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Locating on an isolated island away from the mainland only 20 minutes by canoe, MerPerle Hon Tam Resort is constantly comforted by crystal clear seawater all year. Our resort is away from the noise of the city. At Hon Tam, there is only the sound of waves pounding the shore, the sound of birds chirping daily, and the sound of winds caressing the coconut palms that “bother” you.

Nestling under the evergreen tropical trees, overlooking the vast ocean, the bungalows on the hill at MerPerle Hon Tam resort are an absolute and peaceful sanctuary. Here on this island, Vietnamese traditional architecture is refined in the style of contemporary and elegant sense.

Going down the hills with coconut trees leaning sideways, and crossing the green path, the silky beach stretches under the tropical sunlight will be in your view. With the paradisiac beach right in front of you, do not forget to enjoy bathing in the crystal emerald sea, gliding kayak inside the calm bay, or diving down to the seafloor to explore the of vibrant sea world of Nha Trang bay.

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Premier Family

This place is no different from your family’s house but it locates in a totally different space: in the middle of paradise Resort of Hon Tam Island. 08 family rooms consist of spacious rooms and under our considerate care to every little detail for the sake of attending the needs of most parents and their children.

From a dazzling floral garden where all children are free to play under the sun, to the private room for parents and warm bedroom for children, and a spacious bathroom equipped with high-quality shower and marble bathtub… Premier Family room is the perfect choice for the peaceful and gathering moments beside your loving families.

Romantic Deluxe

We reserve the most romantic location of MerPerle Hon Tam Resort for lovers on the breezy hillside of the island. The lavish looking style of the wooden rooms with the mahogany interior theme perfectly balances the subtle lighting of the lamps in an elegant style.

In the center of a spacious garden, there lays the green “couple hut”, right through the glass door near on bedside is the marvelous Nha Trang Bay under twilight, and just below the roof and the summer blue sky is the open bath house with the luxurious and refined design. All of these together bring you the sweetest and romantic atmosphere for lovers to experience memorable moments that will last forever.

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Sea Breeze restaurant

Sea Breeze restaurant is located right next to the picturesque coastline of Hon Tam with a modern design that retains the splendor and romance of classic design. The restaurant serves various kinds of food for breakfast from Western to Asian cuisines. BBQ for lunch and dinner with an extensive menu, haute cuisine and fresh and selected seafood processed by top chefs will give guests many wonderful experiences of top culinary styles in the world.

Sea Breeze restaurant is not only a place to enjoy the marvelous foods but also a romantic meeting location. Guests visiting Sea Breeze restaurant will have a chance to enjoy top class Champagne and other premium wines with a background of immense ocean and the soothing sound of waves.

Pool Bar

Nothing feels greater than soothing your senses with a cleverly concocted cocktail in a tropical sunny day. And nothing feels more delightful than enjoying drinks prepared with some special passion in a large swimming pool. The pool bar, where our bartenders are always ready with their endless list of innovative drinks.

Time of service: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

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